Accelerate your analysis with instant access to Auto ABS data

Cloud-based analytics suite and direct database access come fully loaded with 5 million loans under the hood.

Give your strats an alignment and track performance on your own terms

Elicient provides you with a fully managed, cloud-based database and analytics suite containing loan level data for all 75 Reg AB II ABS Auto Loan deals.

Stop relying on predefined stratifications: tweak FICO buckets and see the difference a few points make. Discover risk layering before it leads to higher losses. Our data lets you drill into remittances and see the contributions of each individual loan to your bond's performance.

Turbocharge your credit modeling with loan-level variables

Elicient gives you powerful credit attributes like co-obligor indicator and performance metrics like ever 60+ rates, so you can answer questions you were never able to before.

Conventional wisdom suggests that all else equal, two-borrower loans should outperform single-borrower loans... but is that really the case for auto loans?

The table below at right illustrates ever 60+ rates for single-borrower auto loans in the Elicient universe, grouped into 50-point FICO buckets and 1% payment-to-income buckets. So what do multi-borrower loans look like?

Surprisingly, ever 60+ rates are actually higher across most buckets, with the effects especially pronounced at higher FICO buckets. We can more easily see this result if we divide two-borrower default rates by single-borrower default rates.

While default rates for the lower FICO buckets stay relatively consistent between one- and two-borrower loans, they increase substantially for the higher FICO buckets. One explanation for this may be the method by which a single FICO score is calculated for two-borrower loans.

Curious to learn more? Check out our blog post: Fair Isaac and two's Not Company?

ever 60+ rates

Put your analysis into overdrive with direct SQL database access

Give it a try now! Select from one of our SQL templates below at left to get started, or write your own from scratch.

Elicient's cloud-based SQL editor lets you query our database of monthly loan data directly. Or, plug our data into nearly any 3rd party software package or your own in-house applications and models.

* Use of this demo is for evaluation purposes only and subject to our . Demo data is restricted to 5 deals. Demo queries are restricted to 30 seconds and 500 rows. Sign-up now to get access to all 75 Reg AB II deals with no size or time restrictions.

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Near real-time updates

Don't wait for days or weeks to get the latest data- new filings are typically added to our database on the same day they are submitted by the issuer.

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Compatible with virtually any third-party application

Analyze the full dataset using your preferred software package: apply powerful machine learning techniques using R or Python, write custom data queries using SQL, and build interactive visuals using popular BI tools like Tableau, PowerBI, and Qlik.

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Verified with remittance and prospectus data

Publish research with confidence- our database includes information compiled from issuers' prospectuses and remittances, plus all the information you need to tie-out.